Sangria: Must Have Color for Fall

I’ll admit, I am not the biggest fan of maroon, wine, sangria (whatever you want to define it) because I always thought it looked awful on me. That was until I started stepping out of my comfort zone with colors and outfits I never would have tried on otherwise.

Sangria is the must have color for fall 2014, and when I recently went shopping, I stumbled upon this gorgeous dress with gold accents and fell in love immediately. I really didn’t NEED another dress, but isn’t that how all most of us girls feel about the majority of our shopping experiences? I am so glad I bought it because I ended up getting invited to a wedding shortly after my purchase, and of course I wore this dress!

Outfit Details:

  • Sangria dress with gold accents bought from Nordstrom Rack$25
  • Tan Mossimo strappy wedges originally from Target (for $35), bought from Goodwill$5
  • Gold chained black purse bought from a garage sale-$3

I love this dress so much because it is lightweight, doesn’t wrinkle (especially when packed in a suitcase), and is super comfortable. Plus I don’t think I will ever forget about this dress since I wore it to my first wedding (ever) this past weekend when I went to visit my friend Jack in Texas! Had such a great time, and it even went well with the wedding theme colors (red and turquoise).



Coral–The Perfect Color for Any Season

I am kind of obsessed with the color coral if you haven’t caught on to my posts! I recently sold some of my clothes to a local fashion resale boutique (which I often reference in my fashion posts), and received a lot of in store credit to spend. With all of this in store credit, I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I visited their other store to find something I could buy. I found this top and fell in love!

Outfit Details:

Little Black Dress goes Professional

Whenever we hear the term “little black dress” it’s usually associated with a tiny, sleek cocktail dress, but I beg to differ on the term with this gorgeous dress. I am always in search of items to add to my professional wardrobe, but it tends to be difficult for me to find a dress that works for me. Many professional dresses look too big, aren’t shaped well on my body, or are beyond my budget, so it’s like finding a needle in a haystack for me! (Same goes for pants because I am tall and have the longest legs). When I found this dress that fit me like a glove, I HAD to buy it!

As many of you know, I LOVE to thrift shop and find the best deals, especially at the Goodwill close to my hometown because I find the best stuff. Not sure if most people know this or not, but Target donates all of their unsold Clearance items to Goodwill! This was one of my favorite discoveries within the last year since they started doing this, I have bought plenty of outfits from Goodwill with the Target tags still attached (including this dress)! Talk about a BARGAIN!

Outfit Details:

  • Mossimo black dress originally sold at Target, bought at Goodwill$12
  • Promod golden chain necklace purchased in Italy two years ago
  • Mossimo black heels from Target$30

One thing I learned in college is to “Dress for Success” whether it’s for a test, an interview, or meeting someone for the first time. If you dress for success, you are more likely to feel confident going into whatever it is you are doing that day. For me, I dressed like this for an interview and felt like I completely nailed it! (Still waiting to hear back about the job though, fingers crossed!)