DIY Lilly Pulitzer Print

I love Lilly Pulitzer, but I never thought I could learn how to paint any of the prints. Well, I was wrong, because I found a tutorial which showed me step by step and I loved how easy it was and how it turned out!  I found this tutorial on Pinterest, and followed most of the steps identically.

Details & Suggestions:

  • Instead of a canvas, I used white matt paper from an old frame
  • I didn’t have the same colors listed for paint, but I did have similar colors in my paint collection
  • I didn’t have all the supplies listed (not all was necessary) and I bought my craft supplies at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby (you can always find a coupon online–even on your phone if you Google search it!)
  • I didn’t leave much white space in the flowers, and I didn’t add white paint to it either

Lilly Pulitzer Monogram Letter

Here I go again with my monogram obsession, I told you it’s gotten bad! I made both of these as birthday gifts for two of my sorority sisters. This project is very similar to my other Lilly Pulitzer Craft as seen in one of my older posts.

Tips & Hints:

For these wooden letters (which you can buy at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby), I used scrap paper from my old Lilly Pulitzer planners. I cut the paper into pieces that would fit well onto the letters & some overlapped and hung off the edges, but I cut the edges after gluing it on.

  • Once you have cut enough paper scraps to lay onto the wooden letter, lay them out on the letter how you want & begin gluing them on.
    • Mod Podge is the best and easiest of glues to use
  • Let the paper dry- you may see bubbles, just let them sit and eventually they will fall. If you try to smooth them out it will ruin the paper and rip it.
  • Once your letter is fully dry (30 mins about), add 2 layers of mod podge on top to seal it.
  • Once it’s all dry, add any other decorations you want!
    • Project 1: I took a picture frame, inserted blue paper inside instead of a photo, and then glued the wooden letters onto the glass of the frame (with super glue)
    • Project 2: I added pearls to the edges and attached a burlap bow to the top by stapling it onto the back


Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Craft

My original idea stemmed off of this post I found on Pinterest on how to make Lilly coasters, and from there I got thinking creatively. This was what came about…

My Results: 


Suggestions & Comments: 

After searching for the perfect way to make a modified paddle for my Big and my twin in my sorority, I stumbled upon the idea of recycling paper from my Lilly Pulitzer calendar as seen in the pin above. I decided to make these instead of coasters! I wish I could find my final picture of them because I added Ribbon to each of them also. I just painted the wood, mod podged the paper down, glued some wooden letters on top, and then mod podged craft pearls on top. It took me many hours to complete because I am very indecisive and also a perfectionist when it comes to crafting! I painted many layers of paint and mod podge! In the end, I was very happy!