Vintage Vanity Finds

As you all know, vintage shopping and antiquing have become one of my most recent hobbies. I’ve gone to the majority of local antique malls, garage sales, estate sales, and other similar stores several times, and I was ready to visit a new place to find treasures.

About 15 minutes away from my house, lies a charming historic city known as Cedarburg. It is home to many little specialty stores, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and is just very unique. They also frequently have a variety of festivals that are recommended on the “things to do in Wisconsin” search, (especially to those visiting from out of state). I have always heard about Maxwell Street Days as a major attraction, but I had no idea what it was.

It was probably a good thing that I didn’t know much about it before, because I would have spent tons of money and several days there! Maxwell Street Days brings together hundreds of vendors from across the state that sell antiques, crafts, and other unique items. I could have gotten lost for hours if I had gone without my friend Leah, I’ve never seen so many vendors and goodies!

I have been searching for a mirrored vanity tray for quite some time now, but have found too many of them to be overpriced and not what I was looking for. I walked up to a vendor with several piles of “junk” containing mannequin legs, tools, broken items, and miraculously, a very dirty mirrored vanity tray! The lady was selling it for $8, but I bargained it down to $3! All it needed was some TLC and a good cleaning! (I wish I would have taken a picture of how dirty it really was before I started washing it down because you couldn’t even tell it was a mirror underneath.) There will be another blog soon on how to clean the rust and dirt off of it well since silver polish didn’t work!

I also have been looking for a jewelry tray/tower, not necessarily vintage, but just one in general. I have found several tutorials on how to make my own with candle sticks and plates from the dollar store. Luckily, I found one at Maxwell Street days for $10, and negotiated to buy it for only $5! Again, it just needed some cleaning and it would be perfect for my room! All I did was use an ‘all metal’ cleaner and a cloth to clean off the grime.

After Cleaning:

I love these new additions to my vanity! I use the vanity tray for my perfume and a vintage Chanel powder I inherited from my Grandma. The jewelry tray is perfect for small items like rings and bracelets. I would include earrings, however, I cannot wear earrings anymore.

Garage Sale Jackpot!

A little over a week ago, I found the BEST garage sale to date this summer! There was a multifamily garage sale being held on the edge of town at someone’s barn. Usually I find older items that people don’t want anymore, but this garage sale was different-so many new and barely used items. Here are the items I scored!

Foldable wooden wine rack bought for $3.00

Three vintage hat boxes bought for $3.00

Two small glass jars for the kitchen bought for 50 cents 

Two large wooden frames and a small metal frame bought for $2

Large wooden tray bought for $4 (to be painted for a project later)

Total amount of money spent was only $12.50! I am SO excited to see how some of these items will end up after I finish get to Pinterest crafting!

DIY Chalk Paint

As many of you know, I have been painting a lot of furniture this summer for my future apartment (wherever that may be…still waiting on jobs). With that, I have been doing a lot of research on popular painting techniques that give a furniture a vintage look. The first technique that I used, was written in one of my previous posts for a coffee table that I painted.

With several other pieces of furniture still set aside, I took the time to watch a variety of Youtube videos and read a bunch of blogs on refurbishing furniture. One of the more popular techniques I came across, was to use chalk paint. Chalk paint gives furniture more of a matte finished look, and I personally love everything online that I have seen painted in it. The most popular and well known brand is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, however, it is extremely expensive. One quart starts at about $35, which is extremely expensive. I refused to pay this much for a small amount of chalk paint, so I did some research and found several DIY chalk paint recipes and tutorials.

I found several recipes online, and the best one came from Pinterest (click here to view tutorial). It worked extremely well and I was very pleased with my results. Follow the tutorial from the recipe linked above. I listed the chalk paint ingredients below and included where I bought them and for how much (although they can be bought elsewhere and at different costs).

Recipe calls for:

  • Plaster of Paris, bought from Michael’s$6
  • Valspar paint sample in Soft Panther color (ID: VRO88A), bought from Ace Hardware$6.50
  • SC Johnson furniture wax, bought from Ace Hardware$8
  • Foam roller for cabinets, bought from Ace Hardware$3.50
  • Water
  • Plastic container and spoon for mixing and storing the chalk paint
  • Furniture to paint

How to Apply the Chalk Paint:

After learning how to make my own chalk paint, I learned how to apply the paint. I followed the youtube video tutorial seen below. Note-This girl works for a store that makes their own chalk paint and wax, I just followed the tutorial and used my own chalk paint and wax that I had from the recipe above.

What I LOVE about chalk paint:

  • No need to sand down your furniture before
  • Dries faster than regular paint
  • The matte finished look to it
  • The wax goes on super easy and looks/feels better than using a polyurethane semigloss finish

Stay tuned for a tutorial on how my chalk painted furniture turned out in another post coming soon!



Fabric Laundry Hamper

A while ago I spent an entire day roaming around garage sales just looking and I ended up finding a barely used fabric laundry hamper which was super cute. I’ve seen similar laundry hampers sold at places like Kohl’s or Bed Bath and Beyond for at least $30.00. I found this one for only $5.00 at a garage sale, and all I had to do was throw it into the wash to make sure it was clean and like new!


Vintage Chevron Painted Table

A week ago I posted a blog about some furniture that I bought from a garage sale and Goodwill, and shortly after had another post showing how I repainted them.

After thoroughly taking a look at not only my blog post, but the end table as well, I felt that I needed something more to the blue and white table (seen below). It just felt too plain for me..


I then decided to add a silver chevron pattern on the side panels of the table, and I think it turned out great!

Project Tips & Info:

  • For those who didn’t read my prior post about this table, I bought this old sewing table from a garage sale for $5.00 and then sanded and painted it
  • Draw your chevron pattern, a tip that I found on Pinterest is to draw it this way for perfect lines
  • Once you have taped your furniture appropriately, make sure to erase your pencil marks and begin to paint!
  • After a few layers of paint, allow to dry for 24 hours and then remove the tape
  • Erase all other pencil marks and paint over if needed
  • Add a final coat of sealer and you are all done!

DIY Throw Pillows

As many people know, I have been going crazy with DIY home decor since I am going to be eventually moving and getting my own apartment within the next month or so. Throw pillows are extremely costly these days and as a recent college grad, I cannot afford to pay $10 or more for EACH pillow! After doing some Pinterest hunting for DIY throw pillows, I found several ideas:

I also did some regular searching on the internet as well for other general ideas and kind of combined them all to make them myself.

DIY Project Tips & Info:

  • Instead of buying fabric from the store, I bought a body pillow cover & table runner to make my pillows
    • Turquoise body pillow cover bought on clearance at Kohl’s for $9.99 
    • Gray table runner bought at TJ Maxx HomeGoods for $9.99
  • For the gray pillows:
    • I bought two old pillows from Goodwill ($4.00 for both combined) and pulled out the stuffing
    • I cut the table runner from the middle so I would only have to sew one side (did this for both pillows)
    • After stuffing the pillows, I sewed the open end shut
    • I still had enough fabric to make two more pillows, but chose to just sew the ends up and make it a short table runner
  • For the turquoise pillows:
    • I used two pillow inserts from old pillows at my house
    • I cut the body pillow cover from the middle so I would only have to sew one side, just like the table runner
    • One pillow has a zipper on it so it was much easier to insert the stuffing than the other pillows because I didn’t have to sew it back up (if you want a zipper on your pillows for easy cleaning, look at the pin above)
    • I turned the case inside out and sewed most of it shut, turned it back out and stuffed the pillow
    • After stuffing, I sewed the open part of the pillow by hand at first and then with machine

My final results turned out much better than I thought because I am not the greatest sewer. The gray pillows are smaller than the turquoise ones and I am completely okay with that. (I knew this when I compared the size of the fabrics when I bought them).

I made 4 pillows and a table runner for a total cost of $24.00!

Oh, and I forgot to mention….I also ended up giving in to buying a pre-made throw pillow because it was on clearance at Target for $7.00. There was only one pillow left and I thought it would look great with my other patterned pillows! Such a bargain!