HEALTHY Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Looking for a delicious cookie recipe that you can enjoy without all the guilt? Look no further, this recipe is AMAZING! When I am invited to someone’s house for a party or special event, I always bring some type of food dish to share. Typically, my go to is fresh veggies and a homemade greek yogurt dip, but I wanted to make something new this time for my friend’s going away party.

Choc Cookies


I searched all over Pinterest for various recipes, and wanted to find a dessert that wasn’t too complicated to make, truly was healthier, and didn’t require me to buy tons of ingredients that I didn’t already have in my pantry. Many recipes claim to be “skinny” and “healthy”, however, the majority of them really aren’t anything different. I found one recipe of cookies that called for every same ingredient as a normal batch of cookies, except you added greek yogurt….Yeah, not healthier at all. It’s the added sugar, eggs, butter, milk, etc. that make the calorie and fat count rise. Plus, greek yogurt is healthier than regular yogurt ONLY if there is minimal sugar. Make sure you look at the labels!

I found this recipe on Pinterest, originally posted on the Skinny Fork Blog. When I made these cookies, I doubled the recipe and changed up a few of the ingredients.

Hints & Suggestions:

  • I opted out of adding the salt, cloves, and nuts.
  • I used dark chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • I added a bit more of the chocolate chips since some cookies didn’t have as much in them
  • They will be soft even after they cool
  • You can store in the fridge or on the counter, I think they were better sitting in the fridge though
  • These are healthy enough that you can even eat them for breakfast!
  • Be sure to watch the cookies so that the chocolate and coconut don’t burn!

I was worried that these cookies wouldn’t be too popular at the party, but little did I know, they were a HUGE hit!