White Frame Dry Erase Board

Original Pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/152840981075617761/



I got a simple white frame from a local thrift shop, and repainted the edges to touch up the paint. I had to try   several types of scrapbook paper because some designs were too “busy” with the writing on the glass. Finally found this pretty pink paper and it worked well. I also added some gems and stickers to make it look a little more complete! Made this for a friend for Christmas! VERY SIMPLE!


DIY: Monogram Canvas

Pinterest has a great idea and all, but I personally think my monogram canvas turned out much better! The original idea came from this pin, and I added a twist to it.


I couldn’t find any instructions on how to make this through the pin I found on Pinterest, so I winged it myself. I purchased a small canvas and wooden letters at Michael’s & some fabric from JoAnn’s.

  • I started off by painting the letters black with a few layers of paint. While the paint dried, I cut my fabric to be larger than the canvas so it could fold over the back.
  • After ironing the fabric, I laid the canvas down and stapled the fabric to the back edges of the canvas. Once the fabric was all stapled, I flipped the canvas over to lay face up and placed the letters on top.
  • I didn’t like how the all black letters looked on the canvas, so I covered them in microbeads (same kind I used to create the caviar manicure in one of my previous posts). I lathered on mod podge and sprinkled the beads all over the letters.
  • After it dried for 10 minutes, I fixed up the patches missing beads, let it dry again, and dabbed on a coat of mod podge to keep the beads in place. Once everything was dry, I grabbed some all-use Elmer’s glue and glued the letters on. I love how it turned out, and I gave it to my friend for xmas =)

Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Craft

My original idea stemmed off of this post I found on Pinterest on how to make Lilly coasters, and from there I got thinking creatively. This was what came about…

My Results: 


Suggestions & Comments: 

After searching for the perfect way to make a modified paddle for my Big and my twin in my sorority, I stumbled upon the idea of recycling paper from my Lilly Pulitzer calendar as seen in the pin above. I decided to make these instead of coasters! I wish I could find my final picture of them because I added Ribbon to each of them also. I just painted the wood, mod podged the paper down, glued some wooden letters on top, and then mod podged craft pearls on top. It took me many hours to complete because I am very indecisive and also a perfectionist when it comes to crafting! I painted many layers of paint and mod podge! In the end, I was very happy!