DIY Lilly Pulitzer Print

I love Lilly Pulitzer, but I never thought I could learn how to paint any of the prints. Well, I was wrong, because I found a tutorial which showed me step by step and I loved how easy it was and how it turned out!  I found this tutorial on Pinterest, and followed most of the steps identically.

Details & Suggestions:

  • Instead of a canvas, I used white matt paper from an old frame
  • I didn’t have the same colors listed for paint, but I did have similar colors in my paint collection
  • I didn’t have all the supplies listed (not all was necessary) and I bought my craft supplies at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby (you can always find a coupon online–even on your phone if you Google search it!)
  • I didn’t leave much white space in the flowers, and I didn’t add white paint to it either

DIY Construction Themed Event

Sorry that it has been a while since I have written a Pinterest blog post, I have been super busy lately with job applications, moving, internship, and so much more! I am super excited to talk about my latest Pinterest attempt because it involved multiple aspects of Pinsperation!

I am currently working as the Marketing Intern for a construction company called Consolidated Construction, and I absolutely LOVE it! Recently, my boss asked me to organize a sponsorship event at a golf outing and I was super ecstatic because I love anything involving event planning and creativity. My company was sponsoring the cocktail cocktail hour for the MMAC COSBE golf outing held in Milwaukee and we also were asked to have a tent set up at one of the holes. It was my responsibility to create a game and cocktail for the golfers to enjoy at our hole and create a display that marketed our company, and these were my results!

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and the internet searching for construction themed parties and events to put this together. I didn’t want it to look too cheesy or childish, so I only picked a few elements here and there. Here are a few things I found on Pinterest as ideas, and I also did a general search for construction party which I got as ideas too.

Pinterest Ideas/Pinsperation:

My results from our construction themed table:

Comments & Suggestions:

  • The mojitos were just pre-made Bacardi Mojito mix and I added fresh mint and lime to garnish and taste. The straws were too long, so I cut them down to fit the glasses and they were purchased at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 per pack of 24
  • The Tonka truck was purchased from Walmart for $25 and I took off the Tonka stickers and added various logos from our company with paper and glue to make it more personalized.
  • To make the Gatorade bottle labels, I followed some of the instructions from this Pinterest post, and modified it a bit
    • I removed the labels and measured them so I knew what sizes to make the labels on Microsoft Word (I added a bit to the length so it could overlap and stay easier.
    • Instead of one strip of tape, I used two since the bottles are much thicker than water bottles!
  • In addition to the above items, I made a custom sign that had a photo of a mojito and named the drink after our slogan, calling it the Make 1 Call Mojito.

In addition to the display, we created a game called Consolidate it. Make 1 Putt. Golfers had to stand behind two cones and putt a ball down the hill into a hard hat. The golfer which had it closest inside the hard hat then won a golf towel! We also had a gift card for golfers to win by entering their business card. I was very pleased with how the event turned out, and really was happy with the amount of compliments we received. Many golfers hadn’t heard of our company before, but were well aware of what we did with our branding efforts! If you are interested in viewing more photos from the event and our game in action, go to our Flickr album! 

Vintage Chevron Painted Table

A week ago I posted a blog about some furniture that I bought from a garage sale and Goodwill, and shortly after had another post showing how I repainted them.

After thoroughly taking a look at not only my blog post, but the end table as well, I felt that I needed something more to the blue and white table (seen below). It just felt too plain for me..


I then decided to add a silver chevron pattern on the side panels of the table, and I think it turned out great!

Project Tips & Info:

  • For those who didn’t read my prior post about this table, I bought this old sewing table from a garage sale for $5.00 and then sanded and painted it
  • Draw your chevron pattern, a tip that I found on Pinterest is to draw it this way for perfect lines
  • Once you have taped your furniture appropriately, make sure to erase your pencil marks and begin to paint!
  • After a few layers of paint, allow to dry for 24 hours and then remove the tape
  • Erase all other pencil marks and paint over if needed
  • Add a final coat of sealer and you are all done!

DIY Throw Pillows

As many people know, I have been going crazy with DIY home decor since I am going to be eventually moving and getting my own apartment within the next month or so. Throw pillows are extremely costly these days and as a recent college grad, I cannot afford to pay $10 or more for EACH pillow! After doing some Pinterest hunting for DIY throw pillows, I found several ideas:

I also did some regular searching on the internet as well for other general ideas and kind of combined them all to make them myself.

DIY Project Tips & Info:

  • Instead of buying fabric from the store, I bought a body pillow cover & table runner to make my pillows
    • Turquoise body pillow cover bought on clearance at Kohl’s for $9.99 
    • Gray table runner bought at TJ Maxx HomeGoods for $9.99
  • For the gray pillows:
    • I bought two old pillows from Goodwill ($4.00 for both combined) and pulled out the stuffing
    • I cut the table runner from the middle so I would only have to sew one side (did this for both pillows)
    • After stuffing the pillows, I sewed the open end shut
    • I still had enough fabric to make two more pillows, but chose to just sew the ends up and make it a short table runner
  • For the turquoise pillows:
    • I used two pillow inserts from old pillows at my house
    • I cut the body pillow cover from the middle so I would only have to sew one side, just like the table runner
    • One pillow has a zipper on it so it was much easier to insert the stuffing than the other pillows because I didn’t have to sew it back up (if you want a zipper on your pillows for easy cleaning, look at the pin above)
    • I turned the case inside out and sewed most of it shut, turned it back out and stuffed the pillow
    • After stuffing, I sewed the open part of the pillow by hand at first and then with machine

My final results turned out much better than I thought because I am not the greatest sewer. The gray pillows are smaller than the turquoise ones and I am completely okay with that. (I knew this when I compared the size of the fabrics when I bought them).

I made 4 pillows and a table runner for a total cost of $24.00!

Oh, and I forgot to mention….I also ended up giving in to buying a pre-made throw pillow because it was on clearance at Target for $7.00. There was only one pillow left and I thought it would look great with my other patterned pillows! Such a bargain!


Vintage Picture Frame Collage

Well this is a bit of a different post because I didn’t ever pin this project on my Pinterest page, but rather, I kind of came up with the idea myself after browsing the internet for vintage interior design & up-cycling furniture. I did find some posts on Pinterest to give you a general idea of what I found on the internet though…

I also found something similar at World Market that gave me some “Pin-speration” 

I have a huge passion for photography and after spending a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, and taking several THOUSAND photos, I wanted to do something with them. I have a habit of taking photos but doing nothing with them except for in my photo classes in high school and Italy, so I thought this would be perfect!

What you need:

Project Information & Tips:

  • I printed about 30 of my European photos all in black and white and measured all of my frames before printing them
  • I printed them at home on my mom’s photo printer (I tend to get accused of illegally trying to print photos at Walgreens because they think a professional took them. I guess it’s a compliment as an photographer who just does it as a hobby!)
  • I laid out the frames on the floor to get an idea of what I wanted it to look like
  • I don’t have a job or new apartment to move into yet, so the layout seen above is just on my floor to get an idea of how I will want it (will post later when I do!)


Vintage Map Anniversary Gift

So it recently was my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary this past month, and I wanted to make them something special since I cannot really afford a big gift right now. I wanted it to be simple, yet classy enough that they would want to actually hang it somewhere. After some pinning and searching, I found this adorable idea. My project ended up being a tad bit different in a frame rather than a canvas, but I still loved how it turned out!

My parent’s love story….

My parents met in Vail Colorado, their story is much like a fairy tail movie. My mom was vacationing with some friends and decided to venture out on her own one day to ski (since her friends had a little too much fun the night before). As she was getting on the lift, a guy approached her and asked if he could join her on the lift up (my dad), and she said sure. They ended up skiing together the rest of the day, and he eventually took her on a date. My mom which was living in Chicago at the time, began dating my dad long distance since he lived in Michigan. As the years went by, their love grew stronger and they eventually got married. And 25 years have passed since, which led me to creating this present!

Tips & Hints:

  • For the map
    • I searched the internet for a large sized map of Colorado which had Vail clearly labeled on it & I printed it on presentation paper for a more professional look
    • You can make the map as big or as small as you would like, all up to you! (This was as big as the map would print due to resolution)
    • I hand wrote the letters and hand cut them out of card stock, but you can do it anyway you want
    • I cut a small heart that was big enough to fit around the city, and glued it all onto the paper and set it into the frame!
  • For the frame-
    • I stock up on vintage or old frames from Goodwill, any sales, thrift stores, garage sales, etc. for projects like these
    • I used a wooden white frame that I got from Goodwill and I sanded the edges to take off some of the paint
    • I took black shoe polish and started streaking it all over the edges to make it look vintage
    • Make sure to let it dry thoroughly and add a top coat of mod podge!