HEALTHY Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Looking for a delicious cookie recipe that you can enjoy without all the guilt? Look no further, this recipe is AMAZING! When I am invited to someone’s house for a party or special event, I always bring some type of food dish to share. Typically, my go to is fresh veggies and a homemade greek yogurt dip, but I wanted to make something new this time for my friend’s going away party.

Choc Cookies


I searched all over Pinterest for various recipes, and wanted to find a dessert that wasn’t too complicated to make, truly was healthier, and didn’t require me to buy tons of ingredients that I didn’t already have in my pantry. Many recipes claim to be “skinny” and “healthy”, however, the majority of them really aren’t anything different. I found one recipe of cookies that called for every same ingredient as a normal batch of cookies, except you added greek yogurt….Yeah, not healthier at all. It’s the added sugar, eggs, butter, milk, etc. that make the calorie and fat count rise. Plus, greek yogurt is healthier than regular yogurt ONLY if there is minimal sugar. Make sure you look at the labels!

I found this recipe on Pinterest, originally posted on the Skinny Fork Blog. When I made these cookies, I doubled the recipe and changed up a few of the ingredients.

Hints & Suggestions:

  • I opted out of adding the salt, cloves, and nuts.
  • I used dark chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • I added a bit more of the chocolate chips since some cookies didn’t have as much in them
  • They will be soft even after they cool
  • You can store in the fridge or on the counter, I think they were better sitting in the fridge though
  • These are healthy enough that you can even eat them for breakfast!
  • Be sure to watch the cookies so that the chocolate and coconut don’t burn!

I was worried that these cookies wouldn’t be too popular at the party, but little did I know, they were a HUGE hit! 


Garage Sale Jackpot!

A little over a week ago, I found the BEST garage sale to date this summer! There was a multifamily garage sale being held on the edge of town at someone’s barn. Usually I find older items that people don’t want anymore, but this garage sale was different-so many new and barely used items. Here are the items I scored!

Foldable wooden wine rack bought for $3.00

Three vintage hat boxes bought for $3.00

Two small glass jars for the kitchen bought for 50 cents 

Two large wooden frames and a small metal frame bought for $2

Large wooden tray bought for $4 (to be painted for a project later)

Total amount of money spent was only $12.50! I am SO excited to see how some of these items will end up after I finish get to Pinterest crafting!

DIY Chalk Paint

As many of you know, I have been painting a lot of furniture this summer for my future apartment (wherever that may be…still waiting on jobs). With that, I have been doing a lot of research on popular painting techniques that give a furniture a vintage look. The first technique that I used, was written in one of my previous posts for a coffee table that I painted.

With several other pieces of furniture still set aside, I took the time to watch a variety of Youtube videos and read a bunch of blogs on refurbishing furniture. One of the more popular techniques I came across, was to use chalk paint. Chalk paint gives furniture more of a matte finished look, and I personally love everything online that I have seen painted in it. The most popular and well known brand is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, however, it is extremely expensive. One quart starts at about $35, which is extremely expensive. I refused to pay this much for a small amount of chalk paint, so I did some research and found several DIY chalk paint recipes and tutorials.

I found several recipes online, and the best one came from Pinterest (click here to view tutorial). It worked extremely well and I was very pleased with my results. Follow the tutorial from the recipe linked above. I listed the chalk paint ingredients below and included where I bought them and for how much (although they can be bought elsewhere and at different costs).

Recipe calls for:

  • Plaster of Paris, bought from Michael’s$6
  • Valspar paint sample in Soft Panther color (ID: VRO88A), bought from Ace Hardware$6.50
  • SC Johnson furniture wax, bought from Ace Hardware$8
  • Foam roller for cabinets, bought from Ace Hardware$3.50
  • Water
  • Plastic container and spoon for mixing and storing the chalk paint
  • Furniture to paint

How to Apply the Chalk Paint:

After learning how to make my own chalk paint, I learned how to apply the paint. I followed the youtube video tutorial seen below. Note-This girl works for a store that makes their own chalk paint and wax, I just followed the tutorial and used my own chalk paint and wax that I had from the recipe above.

What I LOVE about chalk paint:

  • No need to sand down your furniture before
  • Dries faster than regular paint
  • The matte finished look to it
  • The wax goes on super easy and looks/feels better than using a polyurethane semigloss finish

Stay tuned for a tutorial on how my chalk painted furniture turned out in another post coming soon!



Versatile Blouse & High Waisted Dress Shorts

When I spent a semester in Italy, I packed my life into two suitcases (for four months), and I had to really think about what clothing to bring. I chose lightweight items that could be worn casually for attending class and traveling, as well as dressier for nights out to dinner and the clubs. This was where my frugal shopping for versatile clothing all began…

As a recent college graduate, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of my clothes and started purchasing clothing that can be worn for a variety of occasions. Whether it’s a night out out on the town or a day spent at the office, I want to be able to get multiple uses out of my clothing purchase(s).

The first time I wore this gorgeous blouse was for a night out with some friends. When I found this shirt, I was super excited because I envisioned wearing it with a pair of dress pants, as well as a pair of shorts such as those seen in the photos above. (Oh, and yes that is a real parrot I am holding. There is this guy who walks around downtown Milwaukee with his pet parrot, trying to hit on girls and buy them drinks. Yes, some bars do let him bring the parrot in! I so badly wanted to tell him that it’s not a puppy….)

Outfit Details:

  • Ann Taylor maroon colored blouse bought from E-Collectique Runway Boutique$12
  • Silver snakeskin printed high waisted shorts purchased from TJ Maxx$15
  • Mossimo black zippered wedges bought from Target two years ago
  • Gold stackable bracelets (similar to Alex and Ani brand bangles) bought on sale from Faye’s$10

Woman’s Asics Running Shoes in Coral & Sky Blue

Not sure if it was just another Labor Day sale or if I just hit the jackpot (I’d like to say I hit the jackpot most likely) when I found these beauties! I haven’t bought new running/workout shoes in over a year and I really needed a new pair. I usually stick with Nike (well the past few years at least), but I wanted to go back to Asics for their support and comfort. Bright and bold colors for tennis shoes are HUGE right now!!

I knew there were a lot of Labor Day deals going on, so I thought I would venture out to the mall and stop in a few different stores. I started at Sports Authority and found a pair of Nikes I liked, but wasn’t sure that I LOVED them… I did find a pair of Asics that I loved, however, they didn’t have my size–as usual. (I have huge feet thanks to being tall). My final stop was Kohl’s, and I found this gorgeous pair of Asics for only $56.99! SUCH a good deal!


Little Black Dress goes Professional

Whenever we hear the term “little black dress” it’s usually associated with a tiny, sleek cocktail dress, but I beg to differ on the term with this gorgeous dress. I am always in search of items to add to my professional wardrobe, but it tends to be difficult for me to find a dress that works for me. Many professional dresses look too big, aren’t shaped well on my body, or are beyond my budget, so it’s like finding a needle in a haystack for me! (Same goes for pants because I am tall and have the longest legs). When I found this dress that fit me like a glove, I HAD to buy it!

As many of you know, I LOVE to thrift shop and find the best deals, especially at the Goodwill close to my hometown because I find the best stuff. Not sure if most people know this or not, but Target donates all of their unsold Clearance items to Goodwill! This was one of my favorite discoveries within the last year since they started doing this, I have bought plenty of outfits from Goodwill with the Target tags still attached (including this dress)! Talk about a BARGAIN!

Outfit Details:

  • Mossimo black dress originally sold at Target, bought at Goodwill$12
  • Promod golden chain necklace purchased in Italy two years ago
  • Mossimo black heels from Target$30

One thing I learned in college is to “Dress for Success” whether it’s for a test, an interview, or meeting someone for the first time. If you dress for success, you are more likely to feel confident going into whatever it is you are doing that day. For me, I dressed like this for an interview and felt like I completely nailed it! (Still waiting to hear back about the job though, fingers crossed!)