Vintage Vanity Finds

As you all know, vintage shopping and antiquing have become one of my most recent hobbies. I’ve gone to the majority of local antique malls, garage sales, estate sales, and other similar stores several times, and I was ready to visit a new place to find treasures.

About 15 minutes away from my house, lies a charming historic city known as Cedarburg. It is home to many little specialty stores, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and is just very unique. They also frequently have a variety of festivals that are recommended on the “things to do in Wisconsin” search, (especially to those visiting from out of state). I have always heard about Maxwell Street Days as a major attraction, but I had no idea what it was.

It was probably a good thing that I didn’t know much about it before, because I would have spent tons of money and several days there! Maxwell Street Days brings together hundreds of vendors from across the state that sell antiques, crafts, and other unique items. I could have gotten lost for hours if I had gone without my friend Leah, I’ve never seen so many vendors and goodies!

I have been searching for a mirrored vanity tray for quite some time now, but have found too many of them to be overpriced and not what I was looking for. I walked up to a vendor with several piles of “junk” containing mannequin legs, tools, broken items, and miraculously, a very dirty mirrored vanity tray! The lady was selling it for $8, but I bargained it down to $3! All it needed was some TLC and a good cleaning! (I wish I would have taken a picture of how dirty it really was before I started washing it down because you couldn’t even tell it was a mirror underneath.) There will be another blog soon on how to clean the rust and dirt off of it well since silver polish didn’t work!

I also have been looking for a jewelry tray/tower, not necessarily vintage, but just one in general. I have found several tutorials on how to make my own with candle sticks and plates from the dollar store. Luckily, I found one at Maxwell Street days for $10, and negotiated to buy it for only $5! Again, it just needed some cleaning and it would be perfect for my room! All I did was use an ‘all metal’ cleaner and a cloth to clean off the grime.

After Cleaning:

I love these new additions to my vanity! I use the vanity tray for my perfume and a vintage Chanel powder I inherited from my Grandma. The jewelry tray is perfect for small items like rings and bracelets. I would include earrings, however, I cannot wear earrings anymore.

Garage Sale Jackpot!

A little over a week ago, I found the BEST garage sale to date this summer! There was a multifamily garage sale being held on the edge of town at someone’s barn. Usually I find older items that people don’t want anymore, but this garage sale was different-so many new and barely used items. Here are the items I scored!

Foldable wooden wine rack bought for $3.00

Three vintage hat boxes bought for $3.00

Two small glass jars for the kitchen bought for 50 cents 

Two large wooden frames and a small metal frame bought for $2

Large wooden tray bought for $4 (to be painted for a project later)

Total amount of money spent was only $12.50! I am SO excited to see how some of these items will end up after I finish get to Pinterest crafting!

Woman’s Asics Running Shoes in Coral & Sky Blue

Not sure if it was just another Labor Day sale or if I just hit the jackpot (I’d like to say I hit the jackpot most likely) when I found these beauties! I haven’t bought new running/workout shoes in over a year and I really needed a new pair. I usually stick with Nike (well the past few years at least), but I wanted to go back to Asics for their support and comfort. Bright and bold colors for tennis shoes are HUGE right now!!

I knew there were a lot of Labor Day deals going on, so I thought I would venture out to the mall and stop in a few different stores. I started at Sports Authority and found a pair of Nikes I liked, but wasn’t sure that I LOVED them… I did find a pair of Asics that I loved, however, they didn’t have my size–as usual. (I have huge feet thanks to being tall). My final stop was Kohl’s, and I found this gorgeous pair of Asics for only $56.99! SUCH a good deal!


Vintage Cross-body Purse with Gold Chain Strap

Recently, I broke my favorite leather cross-body purse that I bought in Italy and I was heartbroken. Plus, I didn’t have any other black cross-body bags, and it went well with every outfit when I would go out. I knew I needed to buy a new one, but didn’t want to spend the money on a new purse with other financial responsibilities to take care of.

I was out and about one afternoon stopping by various garage and estate sales when I found a small black purse with a gold chain strap to it, and I LOVED it for only $3.00! A week later, I went to a few other garage sales and I found another one just like it, but larger and thought I would buy it as well for only $2.50!

Total cost for BOTH purses was only $5.50!

Fabric Laundry Hamper

A while ago I spent an entire day roaming around garage sales just looking and I ended up finding a barely used fabric laundry hamper which was super cute. I’ve seen similar laundry hampers sold at places like Kohl’s or Bed Bath and Beyond for at least $30.00. I found this one for only $5.00 at a garage sale, and all I had to do was throw it into the wash to make sure it was clean and like new!


Old Furniture to Refurbish

Back on my garage sale hunting, rummaging, thrifting game this past weekend, and I found a few winners! I am moving soon, and went searching for some furniture, particularly a coffee table and some end tables. I plan on painting them with an antique look!

Find #1

I found this end table/coffee table at Goodwill for $13. I thought it was so unique and different from every other coffee table I had been looking at. I really wanted one that was different than the standard flat, short coffee table and was so excited to find this! Plus my favorite part about it is that it opens up for storage!

Find #2

I found this gorgeous tall table that used to be a sewing table that opens up. I won’t be unfolding it at all when I use it, but still good looking! I found this gem for $5 at a garage sale! I think I am going to use it as a small table for the entry way into my apartment.

Now time for me to paint them!

Vintage Picture Frames

My newest decorating idea stemmed from various Pinterest posts, internet searches and the trending “vintage/distressed” look all over the place. I realized that I haven’t done anything with my photos from my semester abroad in Europe, except post them on Facebook, and I wanted to change that. I decided to find old vintage frames from all over the place that could either be painted or touched up.

I have gone to several rummage sales, thrift stores, Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, antique malls, etc. to find tons of frames for super cheap! I even found one from Hobby Lobby that originally was $40, and had chipped paint, that I thought I could just fix myself.

Once I am done touching up the frames, I am going to print a lot of my Europe photos in black and white and create a collage on the wall with the various frames. None of the frames match each other and I like it that way!

Once I distress the frames and complete them, I will create a post about it! But for now, here are some of the frames that I bought! Most of the frames ranged anywhere from 50 cents up to $5.00.