Sparkly French Tip Nails

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Kind of hard to tell, but I didn’t let the sparkles dry all the way before putting a top coat on and it smeared a little. The Sparkles do take a lot of extra time to dry because you have to put a heavier coat on top. Just DO NOT stick your nails under a fan, it will cause smearing. Overall, it is a simpler french manicure to do by yourself because if you make a small mistake, you can wipe the glitter off easily.

DIY: Caviar Beads Manicure

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I had seen the caviar nails manicure trending for a while, and wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I finally decided to attempt it myself after doing a little research. A friend of mine told me about finding the beads at Michael’s, which surprised me after seeing a kit costing $25-35 at Sephora (for one color nail polish with one color bead bottle). After searching Micheal’s and asking several associates, we finally found them! I found a 6 pack of different colored beads. They are called Recollections MicroBeads and are usually found near the Martha Stewart scrapbook section. I got the 6 pack of neutral colors (also comes in bright colors) for $6 on sale. Originally the pack costs $12-14 which is still a bargain compared to your local nail salon or Sephora.

I used Essie Turquoise and Caicos after I saw the 2nd picture above (on the internet). I applied two layers of the nail polish, and made the layer on my ring finger much thicker than the other fingers. Once the nail polish was applied, I carefully poured the beads over the top of my nail (with a tray underneath to catch the beads). Once most of the finger was coated, I lightly pressed the beads into the nail polish with my finger. (LIGHTLY) Once that is done, sprinkle beads one more time to fill in gaps and again, lightly press on top. Let nails dry completely, and add a top coat. When adding the top coat to the nail with the beads, dab the polish on, do NOT apply it like a regular nail (this will smear it and you will lose beads). Let dry for 20-30 mins and it is complete! Many people say it doesn’t last more than a day or two because the beads fall off, however, I got lucky and they lasted for up to a week!

How to Curl Hair with Flat Iron!

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I failed so many times at getting my hair to curl with a straightener. I finally gave in two years ago to spending over $100 for my CHI and it was well worth the investment. Not only does it straighten my hair fast, but I don’t have to go over each strand of hair to straighten or curl it multiple times. Follow the tutorial as seen in the pin above, and I guarantee you will end up with gorgeous locks like mine turned out! I had time before church on XMAS Eve to attempt this look and got really luck with results!

Some pieces curl better than others, and sometimes you do have to go over them more than once. That is okay! Also, if you want more full curls, use larger sections of hair than shown in the video! My curls even lasted through the next day! Best of luck to you!