About Me!

I am a Pinterest-loving, recent (2014) college graduate/Sorority girl that LOVES to craft. Pinterest has become one of my favorite websites for inspiration or Pin-spiration I should say. I love going to Pinterest to find a cheap way to go about giving a present or making something simple! I promise you that plenty of pins don’t turn out the way they appear, I can vouch for that…But there are plenty of those that do! Have any questions/comments or suggestions on a craft to do? Let me know!

I also recently added onto my site with a Fashion & Deals on a Budget page. All of my friends are always talking about how I find the best deals and it’s turned into a talent of mine, so why not share it with you all!? I love thrifting and vintage everything, so stay tuned for more posts!

After having been MIA for the last year (due to moving to Australia and now relocated to Chicago), I am ready to jump back into my blogging. Thank you to my followers for being patient with me! =)


*Follow me on my adventures through Instagram: @sakliber

Pinterest: Steph Kliber

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