Blogger’s Life as of Lately

Well, long time no talk… Seriously it’s been way too long since I have posted on this blog and I want to apologize! Life is a funny thing once you begin a full time job (especially when you move across the world and back in one year).

I have missed the world of blogging and of course having enough time to craft and cook all the wonderful things on Pinterest which I blog about!

As some of you know, I graduated in 2014 and took off about 6 months before beginning a full time job. Well I wouldn’t exactly say “took off”… I just had an overly long job hunting process since I was looking to move out of state (or out of country), and I refused to settle for just any job. In November 2014, I accepted a job in the international education field, packed my bags and moved across the world to live in Sydney, Australia.

I am very passionate about international education/study abroad, especially after my study abroad experiences, and I love being able to see the excitement in my student’s eyes when they participate in our programs, just like I had! (I studied in Florence, Italy for a semester, participated in a sustainability seminar in Germany with Viessmann Group, and interned with our study abroad office my Junior year).

I work for a company which coordinates short term study abroad programs and international internships in Asia-Pacific. Working and living in Australia was quite the wild adventure. The Australian culture is so laid back, the people are so friendly, the food is incredible, and I mean who doesn’t like a good Aussie accent?! I wish America could take note on their work-life culture and their amazing transport system (Chicago’s “L” trains suck so much compared to Sydney). Plus I made some pretty cool friends and lived with two Aussie guys named Ken and Kris, who I am still very close with.

My main job was working as a Program Coordinator for our Australia Internships, which was quite interesting. I learned so much about the business culture in Australia and worked quite closely with many well-known, global companies. In addition to the internship placements/office work, I worked as a tour guide on several of our student weekend trips which included:

  • Great Barrier Reef- Swam with nemo, slid down waterfalls, found a wild cassowary (look it up, I dare ya!)
  • Surf Camp- Yes, I learned to surf and fell many times… Lots of bruises too!
  • Port Stephens-rode some camels, fed some sharks and rays, watched some breaching whales and dolphins
  • Blue Mountains- Pet/fed kangaroos and wallabies, took photos with koalas, hiked next to waterfalls in the rainforest (Lost count, but I think I went 8 times…)


I also got to travel to Bangkok (Thailand), Hong Kong, Singapore and Auckland (New Zealand) for work, which was beyond incredible.

During my free time in Sydney, I often found myself wandering around the city with no agenda and getting lost. I loved it! There is so much to see and do in Sydney. Every weekend, I made myself see and do at least one new thing in the city, which I loved. Some of my favorite things included: Bondi to Coogee Coastal walk, visiting various beaches, stocking up on goodies at the local weekend markets (Glebe, Rocks and Orange Grove Markets in particular), and just bringing my camera everywhere I went.

I’ll admit, I am a workaholic and it did take me about 9 months to take a day off… But it was so worth it. My best friend from college and her friend Katie, came to visit me in Sydney, and we had an absolute blast. Once they left, I hopped on a plane and took my first solo trip ever… I went to BALI! I could go on for days talking about Bali, but I won’t. I’m thinking about maybe starting up a travel blog (one of these days I have free time to..HA)… All I have to say is: you MUST go before you die. This was hands down my most favorite place I have been in this world (and I have travelled to 19 countries in my 23 years living on this planet). I had a couple of friends which travelled to Bali and they provided me with lots of tips and suggestions. One of my friends that I met during my time studying abroad in Italy, is a travel blogger. I recommend checking out his blog if you want the inside scoop on Bali (and everything in between):

After spending 10 months in Sydney, I have since been relocated to our new US office, based in Chicago. I have been in Chicago for almost 6 months, and time has flown by so quickly! I miss Sydney more than words can describe, but I am happy that I already got to go back and visit for a quick work trip in January. I have been so blessed with the many opportunities that this company has provided for me, and I am grateful that I am able to continue to grow with the company within the US.

*I am always traveling and on the move with this job. View more photos of my adventures by following me on Instagram if you’d like: @sakliber


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