Chalk Painted TV Stand

As a follow up to my previous post ‘DIY Chalk Paint’, I thought I would write a post showing a step by step tutorial (and results) on painting an old TV stand and table with chalk paint.

Step 1: Pick out a piece of furniture (or two) to paint. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the table before painting.

Step 2: Make your chalk paint (follow the tutorial linked in my previous post)

Step 3: Paint your first layer of paint on the furniture. Don’t worry about streaks and un even paint strokes. When you paint additional layers, you won’t even see them.

Step 4: Let the paint dry for about 20 minutes, or until dry to the touch before you add another layer of paint. I did a total of 3 layers of paint, some people may do less (all up to you). After the paint dried, I took a piece of sand paper and scuffed up some of the edges to make it look vintage.

Step 5:  Take a clean, lint-free cloth (or old clean t shirt) and dip it into the wax. You don’t need too much, but I put more on than I needed so I could wipe it off later. Once it’s on your rag, rub the wax in a circular motion all over the furniture (follow the youtube video seen in my previous post). Let the wax dry overnight and then you are finished!

Step 6: Add whatever you want to the TV Stand. Since I don’t have a place yet, I don’t have any photos of it being used. Since this is an old TV stand, it has a large open space and hole in the back that I didn’t like. I had to do quite a bit of thinking about how to fill that empty space. At first I wanted to add another shelf into it, but I didn’t want to do measurements and cutting wood (I’m no carpenter). I finally decided that I would add some type of basket to fill the space, and luckily enough, I found these two coral colored baskets from Kohl’s that weekend. Even better news? I got them on SALE for $5.99 each! (They were originally $24.99).

**The color is much darker in person than the first few images (the final images are closer to the real coloring). Due to lighting and cameras used, the color looks much different in each shot.


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