Versatile Blouse & High Waisted Dress Shorts

When I spent a semester in Italy, I packed my life into two suitcases (for four months), and I had to really think about what clothing to bring. I chose lightweight items that could be worn casually for attending class and traveling, as well as dressier for nights out to dinner and the clubs. This was where my frugal shopping for versatile clothing all began…

As a recent college graduate, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of my clothes and started purchasing clothing that can be worn for a variety of occasions. Whether it’s a night out out on the town or a day spent at the office, I want to be able to get multiple uses out of my clothing purchase(s).

The first time I wore this gorgeous blouse was for a night out with some friends. When I found this shirt, I was super excited because I envisioned wearing it with a pair of dress pants, as well as a pair of shorts such as those seen in the photos above. (Oh, and yes that is a real parrot I am holding. There is this guy who walks around downtown Milwaukee with his pet parrot, trying to hit on girls and buy them drinks. Yes, some bars do let him bring the parrot in! I so badly wanted to tell him that it’s not a puppy….)

Outfit Details:

  • Ann Taylor maroon colored blouse bought from E-Collectique Runway Boutique$12
  • Silver snakeskin printed high waisted shorts purchased from TJ Maxx$15
  • Mossimo black zippered wedges bought from Target two years ago
  • Gold stackable bracelets (similar to Alex and Ani brand bangles) bought on sale from Faye’s$10

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