Woman’s Asics Running Shoes in Coral & Sky Blue

Not sure if it was just another Labor Day sale or if I just hit the jackpot (I’d like to say I hit the jackpot most likely) when I found these beauties! I haven’t bought new running/workout shoes in over a year and I really needed a new pair. I usually stick with Nike (well the past few years at least), but I wanted to go back to Asics for their support and comfort. Bright and bold colors for tennis shoes are HUGE right now!!

I knew there were a lot of Labor Day deals going on, so I thought I would venture out to the mall and stop in a few different stores. I started at Sports Authority and found a pair of Nikes I liked, but wasn’t sure that I LOVED them… I did find a pair of Asics that I loved, however, they didn’t have my size–as usual. (I have huge feet thanks to being tall). My final stop was Kohl’s, and I found this gorgeous pair of Asics for only $56.99! SUCH a good deal!



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