DIY Construction Themed Event

Sorry that it has been a while since I have written a Pinterest blog post, I have been super busy lately with job applications, moving, internship, and so much more! I am super excited to talk about my latest Pinterest attempt because it involved multiple aspects of Pinsperation!

I am currently working as the Marketing Intern for a construction company called Consolidated Construction, and I absolutely LOVE it! Recently, my boss asked me to organize a sponsorship event at a golf outing and I was super ecstatic because I love anything involving event planning and creativity. My company was sponsoring the cocktail cocktail hour for the MMAC COSBE golf outing held in Milwaukee and we also were asked to have a tent set up at one of the holes. It was my responsibility to create a game and cocktail for the golfers to enjoy at our hole and create a display that marketed our company, and these were my results!

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and the internet searching for construction themed parties and events to put this together. I didn’t want it to look too cheesy or childish, so I only picked a few elements here and there. Here are a few things I found on Pinterest as ideas, and I also did a general search for construction party which I got as ideas too.

Pinterest Ideas/Pinsperation:

My results from our construction themed table:

Comments & Suggestions:

  • The mojitos were just pre-made Bacardi Mojito mix and I added fresh mint and lime to garnish and taste. The straws were too long, so I cut them down to fit the glasses and they were purchased at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 per pack of 24
  • The Tonka truck was purchased from Walmart for $25 and I took off the Tonka stickers and added various logos from our company with paper and glue to make it more personalized.
  • To make the Gatorade bottle labels, I followed some of the instructions from this Pinterest post, and modified it a bit
    • I removed the labels and measured them so I knew what sizes to make the labels on Microsoft Word (I added a bit to the length so it could overlap and stay easier.
    • Instead of one strip of tape, I used two since the bottles are much thicker than water bottles!
  • In addition to the above items, I made a custom sign that had a photo of a mojito and named the drink after our slogan, calling it the Make 1 Call Mojito.

In addition to the display, we created a game called Consolidate it. Make 1 Putt. Golfers had to stand behind two cones and putt a ball down the hill into a hard hat. The golfer which had it closest inside the hard hat then won a golf towel! We also had a gift card for golfers to win by entering their business card. I was very pleased with how the event turned out, and really was happy with the amount of compliments we received. Many golfers hadn’t heard of our company before, but were well aware of what we did with our branding efforts! If you are interested in viewing more photos from the event and our game in action, go to our Flickr album! 


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