Chambray, Lace Shorts, & Crop Top

Last weekend I went on a road trip down to Indiana and wanted to find a comfortable, yet stylish outfit to wear on the road.

You’re probably wondering why dress cute rather than wear sweats? Well, after my semester abroad in Italy in 2012, I stopped wearing sweats and yoga pants to class, out in public, etc. It is socially forbidden and inappropriate to wear the “American look” of sweats and yoga pants. The European culture is used to dressing up business casual and nothing below that in public. If I was going to spend a semester abroad, I wanted to fully accept/understand the culture and share my appreciation for the culture. I dressed up for class and traveling every day for 4 months, and since then, I always find a reason to dress stylish (even if that means finding a way to be comfy)!

Outfit Details:

  • Xhiliration blue jean chambray button up shirt bought from Target– clearance for $15
  • Forever21 navy sheer crop top-$10
  • Charlotte Russe white lace shorts-$20
  • Owl necklace purchased on the streets in Barcelona from a vendor
  • Compass shaped tiny gold necklace given to me as a gift and was bought from Etsy

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