Black Caged Bustier & Maxi Slit Skirt

Sorry that it’s been a while since I posted last, I was in Indiana for a long weekend visiting some old friends and campers of mine at Culver Summer Camps. I had an amazing weekend with some of my best friends that I grew up with and I was able to wear a bunch of my outfits that I don’t wear to the office (like this one)!

When I was in Italy, I stumbled upon this store called Brandy Melville thanks to the Italian family that I hung out with. They have such simple, yet adorable pieces, and I finally ordered something offline two years ago that has gotten minimal use (because I never know where to wear this black bustier).

My Outfit Details:

  • Black caged Chiyo top bustier from Brandy Melville$19   (Order it online here!)
  • Gray slit maxi skirt from Forever 21$10
  • Black and silver triangle necklace from Charlotte Russe$10
  • White strapped thong sandals from GAP (purchased several years ago from the outlet mall)
  • Brown small Longchamp purse purchased from Longchamp store in Germany –$80
    • Longchamp bags are a tad bit pricey, but since they are made in Paris and I bought this one in Germany, it was cheaper than in the U.S.. I use them religiously and I happen to have 3 different Longchamp bags in different sizes
    • Here is the size I got

One thought on “Black Caged Bustier & Maxi Slit Skirt

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