DIY Throw Pillows

As many people know, I have been going crazy with DIY home decor since I am going to be eventually moving and getting my own apartment within the next month or so. Throw pillows are extremely costly these days and as a recent college grad, I cannot afford to pay $10 or more for EACH pillow! After doing some Pinterest hunting for DIY throw pillows, I found several ideas:

I also did some regular searching on the internet as well for other general ideas and kind of combined them all to make them myself.

DIY Project Tips & Info:

  • Instead of buying fabric from the store, I bought a body pillow cover & table runner to make my pillows
    • Turquoise body pillow cover bought on clearance at Kohl’s for $9.99 
    • Gray table runner bought at TJ Maxx HomeGoods for $9.99
  • For the gray pillows:
    • I bought two old pillows from Goodwill ($4.00 for both combined) and pulled out the stuffing
    • I cut the table runner from the middle so I would only have to sew one side (did this for both pillows)
    • After stuffing the pillows, I sewed the open end shut
    • I still had enough fabric to make two more pillows, but chose to just sew the ends up and make it a short table runner
  • For the turquoise pillows:
    • I used two pillow inserts from old pillows at my house
    • I cut the body pillow cover from the middle so I would only have to sew one side, just like the table runner
    • One pillow has a zipper on it so it was much easier to insert the stuffing than the other pillows because I didn’t have to sew it back up (if you want a zipper on your pillows for easy cleaning, look at the pin above)
    • I turned the case inside out and sewed most of it shut, turned it back out and stuffed the pillow
    • After stuffing, I sewed the open part of the pillow by hand at first and then with machine

My final results turned out much better than I thought because I am not the greatest sewer. The gray pillows are smaller than the turquoise ones and I am completely okay with that. (I knew this when I compared the size of the fabrics when I bought them).

I made 4 pillows and a table runner for a total cost of $24.00!

Oh, and I forgot to mention….I also ended up giving in to buying a pre-made throw pillow because it was on clearance at Target for $7.00. There was only one pillow left and I thought it would look great with my other patterned pillows! Such a bargain!



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