Old Furniture to Refurbish

Back on my garage sale hunting, rummaging, thrifting game this past weekend, and I found a few winners! I am moving soon, and went searching for some furniture, particularly a coffee table and some end tables. I plan on painting them with an antique look!

Find #1

I found this end table/coffee table at Goodwill for $13. I thought it was so unique and different from every other coffee table I had been looking at. I really wanted one that was different than the standard flat, short coffee table and was so excited to find this! Plus my favorite part about it is that it opens up for storage!

Find #2

I found this gorgeous tall table that used to be a sewing table that opens up. I won’t be unfolding it at all when I use it, but still good looking! I found this gem for $5 at a garage sale! I think I am going to use it as a small table for the entry way into my apartment.

Now time for me to paint them!


2 thoughts on “Old Furniture to Refurbish

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