Stylish Loafers, Wedges, and Crop Tops Thanks to Goodwill

Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I shop at Goodwill. So what if the items were owned or worn before. They make washing machines for a reason. Plus it’s no different than going to Plato’s closet (which I’m sure plenty of you do!).

A couple of weeks ago I rode my bike to the bank to deposit a check, and found myself wandering over to Goodwill “just to look.” Of course I come out with some amazing deals, enough that I could barely fit it all into my drawstring backpack I had with me for biking!

Goodwill Finds:

  • White button up collared crop top (longer in the back and cropped in the front with a tie) – $5
  • Paper Crane brand white and coral crop top (originally sold at TJ Maxx, still had the tags on it too!) –$4
  • Xhiliration grey crop top with cut out back (originally sold at Target) –$4
  • Nine West BRAND NEW jade colored loafers – $4
  • Liz & Co. BRAND NEW blue velvet loafers (originally sold at JC Penney)-$5
  • Mossimo brand brown and black strapped wedges (still with the tags on it, originally sold at Target last summer)-$4 on sale

My favorite item in this purchase was definitely the Mossimo wedges. In one of my previous fashion posts, I wore them so you can see them a bit easier and what they look like on me. My roommate had these shoes last year and I loved them enough that I kept borrowing them. It just so happens that they were half off with the tags still on them, brand new at Goodwill! I was so excited to find them because I didn’t have to borrow them anymore!

Plus it’s definitely a bargain since they look identical to the Chloe brand wedges which sell for $550, and these were sold at Target for $29, and I still got the best bargain! I even found a blog that compares the designer shoe to this pair, such a great find!


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