Vintage Coat Rack- distressed with shoe polish

Just like my previous post about vintage frames, I have been doing some shopping around for other vintage items that I can paint and distress to look vintage. I am moving within the next few months to start a new part of my life after graduation and I want to have some items to decorate my place with (where ever that is..).

I found this coat rack at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section for $7! I wasn’t a fan of the color they had distressed on it, so I decided to take it into my own hands and paint it! Normally, I have been trying to find items at thrift stores and garage sales where it’s cheaper, but I couldn’t pass up this deal. (I went into hobby lobby just for paint originally, oops!)

Tips & Hints:

The details on how to distress the item originally came from a google search, and I forgot to pin it, so I had to go back out and find it to pin it for you all! Here’s the original post on Pinterest.

  • I started the project by unscrewing the knobs because I didn’t want to get paint on them. only one of them wouldn’t come off, so I just put painters tape on it.
  • Once the knobs are removed, begin painting your first layer of paint
    • I painted acrylic paint on instead of spray paint
  • Once you have two layers of paint dry on the wood, then take shoe polish and start marking it up wherever
    • I covered almost the entire board with it, and then went back and added another layer of paint on top, but did it a bit more sloppy to get the vintage look
  • After it’s dry, add two layers of Mod Podge, screw the hooks back in and you are done!

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