High Waisted Skater Skirt & Crop Top

I’ve been looking everywhere for a skater skirt that looked good on me and wasn’t too pricey. I don’t wear skirts too much anymore, so I would rather buy a skirt for a cheaper deal. The high waisted skater skirt is very trendy this summer and looks best with a crop top or tighter shirt, (although there are a few other shirts that could work if you played around with your closet like I did). I bought the skirt without knowing if I owned anything that went well with it, so it was a pretty big spur of the moment purchase.

I don’t get to dress like this super often either because I am interning most of the week and it’s a little dressy for the bars in the town which I live in this summer. Luckily, when I go home on the weekends I go out downtown in Milwaukee with my friend Erin and I was pretty excited to wear this outfit for a night out =)

Outfit Details:

  • Discovery Coral crop top- on clearance for $5
  • Kohl’s, SO brand skater skirt- $8
  • Target, Mossimo brand tan and black wedges- (Last season, but found them on sale at Goodwill with the tags still attached) $5
  • Bracelets purchased in Italy

3 thoughts on “High Waisted Skater Skirt & Crop Top

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