Vintage Map Anniversary Gift

So it recently was my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary this past month, and I wanted to make them something special since I cannot really afford a big gift right now. I wanted it to be simple, yet classy enough that they would want to actually hang it somewhere. After some pinning and searching, I found this adorable idea. My project ended up being a tad bit different in a frame rather than a canvas, but I still loved how it turned out!

My parent’s love story….

My parents met in Vail Colorado, their story is much like a fairy tail movie. My mom was vacationing with some friends and decided to venture out on her own one day to ski (since her friends had a little too much fun the night before). As she was getting on the lift, a guy approached her and asked if he could join her on the lift up (my dad), and she said sure. They ended up skiing together the rest of the day, and he eventually took her on a date. My mom which was living in Chicago at the time, began dating my dad long distance since he lived in Michigan. As the years went by, their love grew stronger and they eventually got married. And 25 years have passed since, which led me to creating this present!

Tips & Hints:

  • For the map
    • I searched the internet for a large sized map of Colorado which had Vail clearly labeled on it & I printed it on presentation paper for a more professional look
    • You can make the map as big or as small as you would like, all up to you! (This was as big as the map would print due to resolution)
    • I hand wrote the letters and hand cut them out of card stock, but you can do it anyway you want
    • I cut a small heart that was big enough to fit around the city, and glued it all onto the paper and set it into the frame!
  • For the frame-
    • I stock up on vintage or old frames from Goodwill, any sales, thrift stores, garage sales, etc. for projects like these
    • I used a wooden white frame that I got from Goodwill and I sanded the edges to take off some of the paint
    • I took black shoe polish and started streaking it all over the edges to make it look vintage
    • Make sure to let it dry thoroughly and add a top coat of mod podge!

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