DIY Graduation Cap

One of the newest trends seen in the last year or two, is the decorated graduation cap. Pinterest is the best place to search for gorgeous home made designs and find your “pin-speration,” for this project. I searched all over Pinterest to find some ideas, and even made my own Pinterest board just for graduation caps! Although I really liked the caps I saw on there, I decided to personalize mine rather than 100% copy someone else’s. This wasn’t anything that was done when I was in highschool, so I was so excited to add my personal flair for college graduation!

 Hints & Tips:

  • I found a few posts that said you can unscrew the little knob at the top, to make it easier to craft, however I couldn’t get it off
  • I bought 1 piece of gold glitter and one piece of chevron scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby to start
    • Measure your paper to fit the cap and cut it in the correct width
    • Measure your cap to the knob and draw that size of circle in the middle of your paper
    • Cut out the little circle so it can fit on your hat & don’t make the hole too big or it will look funny on your cap.
    • Once your hole is cut to the right size and fits, then decorate your cap as you wish & then lay over the knob
    • Once you are fully completed decorating, then use glue (I used super glue) to adhere to the fabric
  • For the monogram letters, I used my mom’s Cricut machine to cut the vinyl letters (you can also create your own monogram letters in Microsoft Word or
  • The pearls were bought from hobby lobby and are sold in strips
  • Make sure you add a layer of sealer like mod podge on top to make sure your cap stays put together!



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