High Waisted Shorts & Cardigan

In addition to crop tops & maxi skirts as seen in my last post, high waisted shorts and cardigans are especially in style this season. I pulled a few items from my closet which I already owned and paired it with my high waisted shorts which I bought for this year’s spring break.

Outfit #1

Yesterday I decided to wake up a bit early and head to the first farmer’s market of the summer! I was so excited, so I threw together this outfit for a comfortable, yet stylish look for the warm weather. High waisted shorts are great to pair with tight tank tops, cardigans, crop tops, and any other shirt that tucks in nicely. I highly recommend only wearing high waisted shorts if you plan on tucking your shirt in (unless it’s a crop top), or else it will look and feel funny.

Outfit Details:

  • Forever 21 high waisted denim faded shorts- $10
  • Target necklace (bought last year on clearance)- $5
  • Target sheer butterfly cardigan (bought two years ago)- $10
  • Michael Kors sunglasses from TJ Maxx (bought two yrs ago)-$30
  • Plain white tank top

Outfit #2

I needed something simple and comfortable to wear today, since I planned on going to a local coffee shop to apply for jobs. So I grabbed my favorite shorts and a different cardigan, comfy yet stylish! And, yes I’ll admit I did wear these shorts two days in a row (I didn’t see the same people anyways!)

Outfit Details:

  • Forever 21 High waisted shorts (same as the ones above)-$10
  • TJ Maxx Cardigan (bought last fall)-$30
  • Owl necklace (bought on the streets of Spain two years ago) –$10 USD
  • Plain white tank top

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