DIY: Wrap Bracelet

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Wrap and stacking bracelets are very popular right now, and once I found this post, I HAD to try it. This was one of my more time consuming projects I have ever done. The site didn’t have very many details written out about supplies or how to properly make the bracelet beyond their pictures. I purchased the larger seed beads in a multi-color pack, cotton thread, some gold beads, fishing wire, and an old button. I am unsure if I wrapped them right or not.

I started the bracelet by wrapping the fishing wire around one side, putting on a bead, then wrapping around the other side and then looping it back through. I realized looping it back through made the bracelet start to curl and bend funny, so I stopped that. I just attempted to follow their pictures, but not sure if I did it right. So Best of luck on that! It turned out pretty well, except after a few hours of attempting to make it wrap 3 times like the pinterest one, I gave up and let it wrap only twice.

I am thinking to look other posts up similar to find the right instructions. Also, probably best to use a clipboard to clip down the top part while your hands work on the bracelet. I am trying that next time!


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