Shorts From Old Jeans

DIY Jean Shorts with Lace or Studs


Hints & Tips:

For DIY shorts-I returned from studying abroad in Italy this past May (2012) and was in need of new shorts because I had a little too much pasta and not enough exercise over 4 months! I was pretty broke after Italy took all my money, so I resorted to making my own! (made two pair for under $20 total ) I didn’t have any old pants at home, so I went to my local goodwill and found a pair of Joe’s Jeans (for $5!) and Ralph Lauren Jeans (for $4). I bought the jeans in a size 27 which is one size above my normal jean/shorts size. Definitely recommend buying 1-2 sizes above or it will look terrible being skin tight. I used the steps found on Pinterest and cut my jeans with fabric scissors. I followed the high low approach also so I could wear them high waisted. I also measured the length much longer than I wanted just in case so when I cut the fabric, if I made a mistake, I still could correct it by cutting more later (which is what I did). By following all the steps provided, I got two pairs of amazing shorts. (Once I was done, I decided to add detail with lace and studs…described below)

For Studs/Lace application- I ordered my studs off of Ebay for under $10 with shipping. I ordered 50 studs in silver, and wish I would have just got more for making more! I followed the instructions off of Pinterest and my shorts turned out awesome. The only thing is applying the studs takes much longer than expected. I started with a small triangle on the butt and fixed it another day. I also would have added more studs to the back pocket if I had more studs. As far as the lace pocket on the other jeans, I bought a roll of lace ribbon from Michael’s for a few bucks and hand sewed it on the butt. I wish I would have bought bigger lace though, probably will go back and fix it more. Overall, I LOVE both of these!


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