DIY: Monogram Canvas

Pinterest has a great idea and all, but I personally think my monogram canvas turned out much better! The original idea came from this pin, and I added a twist to it.


I couldn’t find any instructions on how to make this through the pin I found on Pinterest, so I winged it myself. I purchased a small canvas and wooden letters at Michael’s & some fabric from JoAnn’s.

  • I started off by painting the letters black with a few layers of paint. While the paint dried, I cut my fabric to be larger than the canvas so it could fold over the back.
  • After ironing the fabric, I laid the canvas down and stapled the fabric to the back edges of the canvas. Once the fabric was all stapled, I flipped the canvas over to lay face up and placed the letters on top.
  • I didn’t like how the all black letters looked on the canvas, so I covered them in microbeads (same kind I used to create the caviar manicure in one of my previous posts). I lathered on mod podge and sprinkled the beads all over the letters.
  • After it dried for 10 minutes, I fixed up the patches missing beads, let it dry again, and dabbed on a coat of mod podge to keep the beads in place. Once everything was dry, I grabbed some all-use Elmer’s glue and glued the letters on. I love how it turned out, and I gave it to my friend for xmas =)

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