Healthy Baked Salmon

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I initially found this recipe off of a friend’s fitness blog rather than pinterest. I started following her on pinterest and she had this posted again, so I said why not try it?! It honestly is the easiest salmon recipe and super quick, not to mention delicious. Lauren used a few more spices than my liking, so I added oregano, italian spices and a little bit of basil. Every oven varies, and mine ended up taking an additional 3 minutes from her suggested time. I wasn’t sure how to tell when the Salmon was done, so I let it go beyond an additional 3 minutes, and ended up over cooking it. (It is finished cooking when the salmon becomes flaky and can easily be pulled apart with a fork.)

Overall, this recipe is so good. I love fish and lemon and the combination has a very strong flavor! In addition to this recipe, Lauren has additional recipes and workout routines. I follow Lauren’s blog for fitness routines and tips on staying healthy. I recommend visiting it! She received over 20,000 views as of today!


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