DIY: Photo Canvas

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Hints & Tips: 

I recently returned from studying in Florence, Italy for a semester, and traveled a lot around Europe. I wanted my new room in college to be European vintage, so I decided to use some of my own photography, change it to black and white, and print these photos. I didn’t properly follow how to measure the pictures. I just printed them and cut them down. The only problem with that, was when I went to cut the edges off after it was already glued on, it looked like an uneven cut edge. (this photo shows the Eiffel Tower before I cut the bottom off). I also wasn’t very careful with the Mod Podge on the type of photo paper I used, and ended up smudging a corner. That is why my signature is in an odd place in the far upper corner of each picture. In the end, they look amazing on my wall in my room, I just need to be more precise with the little steps to perfect it next time!


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