Lavender Heat Pads..AKA Boo Boo Bags

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I created this for my mom for a christmas present. These are popping up every where in cute prints among boutiques. They sell for around $20-35 each depending on the size, and I bought enough supplies to make probably 8 of them for the price of one. I purchased some adorable fabric from the local Jo-Ann’s. The lavender oil can be bought at Michael’s, and the rice at your local grocery store. There were several different recipes for this bag, and I ended up making the simplest one. Many sites suggest using rice since it’s cheaper and easier to buy.

When adding the oil to the rice, do this in a separate bag first. Also, when adding the lavender, you ONLY NEED 3-4 drops of the oil. I didn’t think that was enough so I kept pouring more…BAD IDEA. I got so light headed and the smell was overwhelming. I had to apologize to my mom and told her to let it sit out for a week or two before using it to heat up! Overall great present when made properly!


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