DIY: Photo Canvas

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I recently returned from studying in Florence, Italy for a semester, and traveled a lot around Europe. I wanted my new room in college to be European vintage, so I decided to use some of my own photography, change it to black and white, and print these photos. I didn’t properly follow how to measure the pictures. I just printed them and cut them down. The only problem with that, was when I went to cut the edges off after it was already glued on, it looked like an uneven cut edge. (this photo shows the Eiffel Tower before I cut the bottom off). I also wasn’t very careful with the Mod Podge on the type of photo paper I used, and ended up smudging a corner. That is why my signature is in an odd place in the far upper corner of each picture. In the end, they look amazing on my wall in my room, I just need to be more precise with the little steps to perfect it next time!

Sparkly French Tip Nails

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Kind of hard to tell, but I didn’t let the sparkles dry all the way before putting a top coat on and it smeared a little. The Sparkles do take a lot of extra time to dry because you have to put a heavier coat on top. Just DO NOT stick your nails under a fan, it will cause smearing. Overall, it is a simpler french manicure to do by yourself because if you make a small mistake, you can wipe the glitter off easily.

Tissue Paper Puffs

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  • I didn’t follow what the video did, I didn’t cut the paper in half. I used 8 full sized sheets which made very large pompoms.
  • You must be very careful when pulling the sheets out to fluff it because they rip very easily. I made these for my candyland themed cabin for a 6 week summer camp. I hung them from the ceiling as seen in the pictures above, and they lasted all 6 weeks!
  • Takes some time to make them, but they are much more expensive to buy.
  • I recommend buying the multi-color 100 sheets pack for $5 where you can make about 10 full sized pompoms. Otherwise it costs about $3 per pom pom when you buy them in packs. Great for parties and little kid events!


Minion Costumes

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It was kind of hard to find yellow sports bras in October especially since all the neon ones were sold out at Target. Some of the girls ended up spray painting white bras, and we all spray painted our hats yellow too. We went to a local Goodwill and thrift shop to find our overalls for around $5, bought some black gloves, used nerd glasses and called it a day! Everyone loved seeing us run around as a pack of minions for Halloween!

Fitness Blog to Follow/Track Your Results

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I have been working out 3-4 times a week and started this summer when I needed to get rid of major stress (I was working out 6-7 times a week at that point when I had more free time). It was awesome to see how much stress I could relieve just by working out. Once I got to school this fall, I became MUCH busier than when I was working at a camp all summer, and was losing my motivation to get to the gym. A friend of mine started a blog to track her fitness and provide tips for others, and I started following her. Lauren is a great inspiration and definitely keeps me motivated to go to the gym as much as I can. I encourage you to follow her at or clicking on the pin above for her workouts. She loves to post pictures of her workouts and also her progress. I decided to start taking some of mine, and it motivates me more by seeing my actual progress! (This picture was about a month ago, so I have improved even more so since then when I first started focusing on arms more)

DIY: Caviar Beads Manicure

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I had seen the caviar nails manicure trending for a while, and wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I finally decided to attempt it myself after doing a little research. A friend of mine told me about finding the beads at Michael’s, which surprised me after seeing a kit costing $25-35 at Sephora (for one color nail polish with one color bead bottle). After searching Micheal’s and asking several associates, we finally found them! I found a 6 pack of different colored beads. They are called Recollections MicroBeads and are usually found near the Martha Stewart scrapbook section. I got the 6 pack of neutral colors (also comes in bright colors) for $6 on sale. Originally the pack costs $12-14 which is still a bargain compared to your local nail salon or Sephora.

I used Essie Turquoise and Caicos after I saw the 2nd picture above (on the internet). I applied two layers of the nail polish, and made the layer on my ring finger much thicker than the other fingers. Once the nail polish was applied, I carefully poured the beads over the top of my nail (with a tray underneath to catch the beads). Once most of the finger was coated, I lightly pressed the beads into the nail polish with my finger. (LIGHTLY) Once that is done, sprinkle beads one more time to fill in gaps and again, lightly press on top. Let nails dry completely, and add a top coat. When adding the top coat to the nail with the beads, dab the polish on, do NOT apply it like a regular nail (this will smear it and you will lose beads). Let dry for 20-30 mins and it is complete! Many people say it doesn’t last more than a day or two because the beads fall off, however, I got lucky and they lasted for up to a week!

Lavender Heat Pads..AKA Boo Boo Bags

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I created this for my mom for a christmas present. These are popping up every where in cute prints among boutiques. They sell for around $20-35 each depending on the size, and I bought enough supplies to make probably 8 of them for the price of one. I purchased some adorable fabric from the local Jo-Ann’s. The lavender oil can be bought at Michael’s, and the rice at your local grocery store. There were several different recipes for this bag, and I ended up making the simplest one. Many sites suggest using rice since it’s cheaper and easier to buy.

When adding the oil to the rice, do this in a separate bag first. Also, when adding the lavender, you ONLY NEED 3-4 drops of the oil. I didn’t think that was enough so I kept pouring more…BAD IDEA. I got so light headed and the smell was overwhelming. I had to apologize to my mom and told her to let it sit out for a week or two before using it to heat up! Overall great present when made properly!

Healthy Baked Salmon

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I initially found this recipe off of a friend’s fitness blog rather than pinterest. I started following her on pinterest and she had this posted again, so I said why not try it?! It honestly is the easiest salmon recipe and super quick, not to mention delicious. Lauren used a few more spices than my liking, so I added oregano, italian spices and a little bit of basil. Every oven varies, and mine ended up taking an additional 3 minutes from her suggested time. I wasn’t sure how to tell when the Salmon was done, so I let it go beyond an additional 3 minutes, and ended up over cooking it. (It is finished cooking when the salmon becomes flaky and can easily be pulled apart with a fork.)

Overall, this recipe is so good. I love fish and lemon and the combination has a very strong flavor! In addition to this recipe, Lauren has additional recipes and workout routines. I follow Lauren’s blog for fitness routines and tips on staying healthy. I recommend visiting it! She received over 20,000 views as of today!

How to Curl Hair with Flat Iron!

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 me hair

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I failed so many times at getting my hair to curl with a straightener. I finally gave in two years ago to spending over $100 for my CHI and it was well worth the investment. Not only does it straighten my hair fast, but I don’t have to go over each strand of hair to straighten or curl it multiple times. Follow the tutorial as seen in the pin above, and I guarantee you will end up with gorgeous locks like mine turned out! I had time before church on XMAS Eve to attempt this look and got really luck with results!

Some pieces curl better than others, and sometimes you do have to go over them more than once. That is okay! Also, if you want more full curls, use larger sections of hair than shown in the video! My curls even lasted through the next day! Best of luck to you!

Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Craft

My original idea stemmed off of this post I found on Pinterest on how to make Lilly coasters, and from there I got thinking creatively. This was what came about…

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After searching for the perfect way to make a modified paddle for my Big and my twin in my sorority, I stumbled upon the idea of recycling paper from my Lilly Pulitzer calendar as seen in the pin above. I decided to make these instead of coasters! I wish I could find my final picture of them because I added Ribbon to each of them also. I just painted the wood, mod podged the paper down, glued some wooden letters on top, and then mod podged craft pearls on top. It took me many hours to complete because I am very indecisive and also a perfectionist when it comes to crafting! I painted many layers of paint and mod podge! In the end, I was very happy!